Tyre Durometer

How hard your tyres are can have a huge effect on a car’s handling and overall performance. If a tyre is too hard you wont get the grip, as compared to too soft where a  tyre will wear too quickly. During the life cycle of the tyre the hardness changes. In order to run your best set of tyres every time you need to keep track of the level of hardness of each tyre.
In order to do that you need a Longacre Durometer – You can get your tyre reading quickly, accurately & easily thanks to its simple and effective design.

  • Reads from 0-100 points
  • Supplied in a padded protective pouch

For the most consistent results rock the durometer from angled back past straight up to angled forward. This action allows the pointer to move up to the highest (true) reading, then back down. The highest reading should be recorded. In order for this to be done properly the durometer must have a rectangular base, pushing straight down results in inconsistent and inaccurate results.
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